St. Petersburg
Туры по Санкт-Петербургу на мотоциклах с коляской
Туры по Санкт-Петербургу на мотоциклах с коляской

What are we doing?

St. Petersburg Sidecar Tours

Gingerrides provides you with an exclusive way to explore the beauty and charm of St. Petersburg sitting in a comfortable and authenctic sidecar motorcycle.

All the tours are planned so that you will see not only the top highlights of the city but also some of the ‘off the beaten track’ spots. Cruising down the city’s parade avenues and cozy streets you will dive into posh atmosphere of a former imperial capital together with feeling the modern vibes of the most European city in Russia.

We are here not to make a standard classic tour for you. We are here to fill you stay in St. Petersburg with unique and unforgettable emotions. Emotions in motion!

Our tours

Tailored tour

Depending on your own preferences we can make a personal cut tour for you. It might be a ride to Peterhof or Tsars Village – a former royal residences in the suburbs of the city. Or it might be a ride to Kronstadt, a city-fortress in the gulf of Finland. Or it even might be a day-long ride to Vyborg – a former Sweden city, located 150 km to the North of St. Petersburg.

So tell us what you are curious about and we’ll manage to make a perfect ride for you!

Наши мотоциклы
Наши мотоциклы

Our sidecars

Oh, that’s really worth talking about.

All of our tours are on–wheels ones as we ride our legendary Russian sidecar motorcycles – URAL. Originally coming from Soviet times these machines are the symbol of reliability and durability. You can still find thousands of them cruising along the far remote rural areas of Russia. As for us, we decided to use the brand new bikes, manufactured in 2020 at the factory in the heart of Ural mountains.

There are two seats available for our tourists – one is a pillion seat behind the driver, second is in the sidecar. Both of them are very comfy to sit during a short-time city rides. And of course you should not worry about the visibility: no roof and no windows meaning you will have a perfect 360° view of the entire city.

Apart from having a perfect knowledge of city’s history our guides are experienced motorcycle drivers. That means that your “ginger” ride will not only be informative but also comfortable and safe.

By the way, safety is one of our biggest assets. It is a must for us to provide you with our ginger helmets for you not only to stay safe but also to look stylish.

Our Guide


Anton is a 5-years experienced professional city guide for St. Petersburg and its suburbs. He has a background of working in different spheres and companies, but guiding people through the history of his home city was always the biggest pleasure for him. That’s why 5 years ago he moved from the stuffy office to the crowded streets of St. Petersburg. As a professional guide he was in charge of leading big organized groups together with making private tours designed by himself. This experience together with his second biggest passion, riding motorcycles, are the key factors making a tour with him a fantastic, interesting and unforgettable journey.

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